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3 Things You Should Know About Your Pregnancy

by Terry Wilson

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of life. Many women enjoy the time they have to bond with their baby while in utero, and want to do everything they can to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy for both the mom and the baby. Here are some things you should know about keeping both the mother and the baby safe.

1. Don't Miss Appointments

Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to pregnancy care. There will be a good deal of appointments while you are expecting. You will see the doctor monthly in the beginning and then weekly as your pregnancy progresses. This is for your own safety. You might feel like you are a healthy individual and every time you go, there is never anything to report, so you might wonder if you can simply skip an appointment or two. Avoid this temptation! If you can catch things early on it is much safer than trying to do damage control later. For example, each time you go they will take blood pressure and urine samples to check for a dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia. If you don't know about the pre-eclampsia before delivery it can be very dangerous, even fatal for the mother. This is just one example of why you should go to every appointment.

2. Be Honest About Concerns and Changes

It is hard to know what is normal and what is not during pregnancy. You will experience a great deal of changes and you may think that you are complaining by explaining all of the difficulties you are experiencing. However, the doctor needs to know if anything is out of the norm. For example, you might feel extremely itchy. This is a sign of a problem with your liver and could be fatal for the baby. There are very few ways to catch it unless the doctor can test for it, and the first sign is the itching. Thus, be honest about any changes that you might experience that could potentially be out of the norm.

3. Be Patient With Your Body

Growing a baby is hard work, and your body will feel pain, discomfort and a lot of changes. You may be tempted to compare the changes you are experiencing with other women who have been pregnant and may try to force things. For instance, you cannot control where you gain weight, or if you retain water and so forth. This is why it is important that you are patient with your body and respect the process of the pregnancy.

By doing these things you can have a healthy pregnancy. Contact a pregnancy center, like Vita Center For Women LLC , for more help.