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  • 6 Common Myths About Psychiatry

    23 December 2020

    In this day and age, people are becoming more and more accepting about seeing a psychiatrist for mental health concerns. However, that does not mean that some are still not skeptical about the psychiatry field and don't fully understand it. It is important to learn the difference between facts and fiction when it comes to psychiatry. Here are a few common myths about psychiatry. Psychiatry Is Only for Crazy People

  • What To Expect When Coolsculpting Belly Fat

    24 November 2020

    Are you looking for ways to get rid of belly fat? Coolsculpting may be just what you need. The abdominals are one of the most popular areas to coolsculpt, which means that the procedure is easily accessible. If you are ready to use this method to get rid of unwanted fat, here is a look at what you need to know about this procedure. Are You a Good Candidate? The type of abdominal fat that you have plays a large role in whether or not coolsculpting will work for you.

  • Testosterone Therapy: Is It Right For You?

    28 October 2020

    As men age, their testosterone levels can decline and cause issues with sexual health as well as other issues. Testosterone therapy is a tempting treatment option for many men, but before making a decision, it's best to understand how it can help and the risks. What Are The Signs Of Declining Testosterone  While all men are different, there are some symptoms men might experience as levels fall: Changes in sexual desire Difficulty getting and maintaining erections Increased body fat Reduce muscle mass Body hair loss Less energy Emotional changes Memory issues Trouble concentrating Some of these symptoms may have other causes, so it's best to consult a doctor to test testosterone levels and look for any other underlying causes for your symptoms.

  • How Online Second Opinion Services Help With Uncertain Diagnoses

    24 September 2020

    Pain in the body can come and go for many people unexpectedly, but it is often the result of a few different issues. As a result, an individual may find that one diagnosis from a doctor doesn't seem right. Thankfully, online second opinion services can help out. Uncertain Medical Diagnoses are Frustrating Treatment from medical experts should be open, honest, and easy to figure out. However, there are many circumstances in which a diagnosis may be uncertain.

  • Revisiting The RICE Approach To Sports Injury Treatment

    21 August 2020

    Most minor sports injuries can be treated using what sports medicine doctors have come to call the RICE treatment. No, this does not mean you use grains or rice to treat your injury. Rather, RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The idea is that by resting, icing, compressing, and elevating the injured area, you reduce inflammation and speed healing. This sounds simple at first, but when you really dig into it, a few questions may arise.