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Experiencing These Issues With Yourself? It's Time To Hire Home Care For Your Elderly Parent

by Terry Wilson

If you've partially been entertaining the thought of hiring home care for your elderly parent who lives alone, you've likely given careful consideration to his or her health. For example, if your parent has mobility issues or is in the early stages of dementia, home care may be necessary. However, when you're considering this decision, it's also important to think about what issues you're facing. You may find yourself as your parent's primary caregiver, which can be taxing in a number of ways, even if you're happy to provide this type of care. If you've experienced these issues yourself, it may be time to arrange home care.

You've Injured Your Back

Helping an elderly person in and out of the bathtub can be physically demanding, perhaps to the point at which you've hurt your back. Whether you suffered an acute injury while bending over or your back has simply gotten extremely sore over time, you may find yourself physically unable to help your parent in this manner any longer. Now is the time to arrange home care. With a health aide visiting your elderly parent and taking charge of such tasks, you'll no longer have to strain yourself to help your parent.

You Have Little Spare Time

It can be a time-consuming process to care for an elderly parent, especially if you work full-time. You might find yourself visiting your parent first thing in the morning, going to work, dropping past your parent's house at lunch, working for the afternoon, and then visiting again on the way home. This is a pace that is difficult to maintain, even if you appreciate the opportunity to provide this care. It may be worthwhile to arrange a daily visit from a home health aide so that you can visit just once a day, in more of a family role than a caregiver role.

You're Squabbling With Your Spouse

Sometimes, when one person cares for his or her elderly parent, it can lead to problems at home. For example, you might be spending so much time with your parent that you're neglecting some of your duties at home — or, worse, you're failing to spend time with your spouse or children. While time with your parent is important, there needs to be a balance. You shouldn't let this situation lead to conflicts with your spouse. If such issues are occurring, it's time to seriously think about home care.