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Three Considerations When Evaluating A Neurological Treatment Center For Stroke Recovery

by Terry Wilson

The key to stroke recovery is to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible. For this reason, stroke rehabilitation will usually begin at the hospital. However, after a patient's release, it will be necessary to begin rehabilitation elsewhere. A facility that specializes in neurological services and treatments is often the best choice to continue recovery and rehabilitation. The following are a few things to look for when evaluating such a facility.

Inpatient services and age factors

Do you or your loved one need inpatient rehabilitation? If so, naturally you want a facility that offers this type of program. But you will also want to know if there are outpatient programs available. This will be important as you make progress and are functional enough to go home. Outpatient services may also include home services. Some facilities may have programs that send a physical therapist to a patient's residence. You also need to evaluate a facility based upon the age of the patient. Although some facilities may take patients of all ages, the treatment centers that have children as their specialty are often best for younger people due the physical immaturity of kids.

Individualized rehabilitation programs

Most facilities offer some form of group rehabilitation services, and this can be helpful. Patients involved in rehabilitation activities can help encourage each other to continue along a path to recovery. But each patient is different in their needs, so there will be an important part of rehabilitation that should be customized for each individual. Often one on one assistance is needed for certain aspects of rehabilitation. In addition, a program must be flexible in its approach. In must be able to change as a patient improves or develops greater needs In a specific area of rehabilitation.

The program should be interdisciplinary

There are many aspects of stroke recovery, so it takes more than one area of expertise to provide the maximum potential for recovery. Of course, the exact skills required are depending upon the needs of the patient. Some examples include massage therapy, walking, arm movement, use of hands and finger, hand-eye coordination, memory and other cognitive skills, and speech therapy are among the most significant. All programs should be led by and managed by a physician. Ultimately, a medical doctor must be the one to make all recommendations to a patient.

As you evaluate a neurological treatment center or a doctor, like Mohsen M. Hamza, M.D., for stroke recovery you should consult with your primary care physician to make sure that fits any special medical issues you or your loved one may have.