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3 Things You Will Need To Order Prescription Glasses Online

by Terry Wilson

Without vision insurance, buying a pair of prescription glasses can be very expensive if you visit an eye clinic to do this. There is a more affordable option, though, and this is to order your glasses online. If you need prescription glasses and do not have a lot of money to pay for them, purchasing them online will be the perfect solution to your problem. Here are several things you will need to know or do as you place an order for a new pair of glasses.

You Will Need Your Prescription

To get a prescription for eyeglasses, you must get your eyes examined by an eye doctor. When you do this, the clinic can give you a written prescription, and there are two key elements you should understand that are on an eyeglass prescription.

The first is the letters OD and OS. OD simply stands for your right eye, and OS stands for your left eye. Most people have different vision impairments in each eye, and this helps the eyeglass maker know how to make your glasses.

The second important thing you will see is numbers next to the OD and OS. If the numbers are positive, it means you are farsighted, and this number refers to how farsighted you are. If the number is negative, it means you are nearsighted.

You Must Know Your Pupillary Distance

The other piece of information you will need is your pupillary distance, and this is the distance from one pupil to the other. It is measured in terms of millimeters, and you can measure this yourself or ask your eye clinic to do this. This measurement is important to ensure that the lenses in your glasses are placed exactly the right distance from each other.

You Should Carefully Choose A Pair Of Frames That Will Look Good On You

The hardest part of choosing a pair of prescription glasses is finding the pair you like the best. There are hundreds of different choices in style, color, and shape, and you will need to narrow this down to the pair that you feel looks the best on you. If you are not sure which to choose, visit an eye clinic and try different pairs on. This will help you find the right style and color for your needs.

Having a good pair of eyeglasses is vital if you have any problems with your vision, and you can save money on a pair by ordering your glasses online. For more information, contact companies like White Bear Eye Clinic & Optical.