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Three Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

by Terry Wilson

Having surgery requires some recovery time, and a breast augmentation procedure is no different. Your surgeon has probably provided you with some instructions about watching for complications and prescribed some pain medicine, but you may find the tips below to be helpful for keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Use Bra-Shaped Ice Packs

Your breasts are likely to feel incredibly swollen due to the work that was done. One way to ease pain and reduce any swelling is to put on a bra-shaped ice pack that is made for women who've had this kind of surgery. Because it can be worn like a regular bra, you can get up and walk about with it instead of laying in bed--if you feel up to it. If you can't find a place that sells this special "bra", hop online to find a retailer. If you don't want to spend the money, you can purchase a bunch of ice packs and arrange them inside a regular bra as well, although you may not get the full coverage the alternative provides.

Use a Foam Wedge

If you're awakened from your slumber by pain due to rolling over and lying on one of the incision sites, you're going to need a foam wedge. The wedge can keep you in place better than pillows can and can prevent rolling as you sleep.

Eat Right and Skimp on Salt

Recovery is going to be challenging, but you'll only make it worse if you aren't eating properly. You may not feel so good or very hungry in the days that first follow the procedure, but if you eat sporadically and aren't putting many healthy foods into your belly, you'll only feel worse. The drop in blood sugar that can happen as a result of not eating enough can make you feel more irritable and uncomfortable. Lack of protein can mean slower healing times.

Of particular importance is ensuring that you stay away from foods that are too salty during your recovery period. High amounts of salt can lead to water retention, and that can be painful as you heal because you might have swelling at the incision sites already. Have as much water as you can to ensure that you're working to reduce swelling and are flushing out toxins and keeping yourself hydrated.

With these details, you'll have an easier time recovering from your breast augmentation procedure. Keep in contact with your surgeon along the way so you can have questions answered. Soon you will be feeling great and ready to show off the way your body looks.

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