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Does Your Aging Parent Have An Injury What Won't Heal? Assisted Living Is Best If You Can't Give Them Care

by Terry Wilson

It's hard to determine what to do with your aging parent when you can't give them the attention that they need, especially if they had an injury that isn't healing and they can't be alone. If your parent is able to do minor things on their own at home, but there are times when they need some assistance and you can't rush out to help them, it may be time to find an assisted living center with apartments.

This is an ideal set up for people that can do most things on their own but need help if there is an emergency.  Call the assisted living center and get this information before you talk with your parent.


The cost may be the most worrisome part of moving into an assisted living center. You want to find out what the cost of the living center is, what your parent's budget is for assisted living, and how long they can get the assisted living covered that they need. If they don't have a lot of years of coverage, and they can't afford to pay it out of pocket, you may have to get some federal assistance to make the move.

Housing Units

Tour a unit to see what the space would be like for your parent. If you think that the living space is acceptable for their needs, and that they have their own bedroom and bathroom, you can determine if they will accept the move. Many have their own entrances, storage area, and other amenities.

Types of Assistance

Find out what type of assistance is available to your parent in their apartment. Since this type of living is so independent, you should expect your parent to be able to take their own medication and make their own meals. You want to be sure that they don't need help moving around, with bathing, or if they get hurt, that someone is always around waiting to assist.


Does the facility have transportation options? Some assisted living centers have vehicles or busses that the tenants can take when they want to go shopping, to get groceries, or to go to an event. Ask about transportation for everything from doctor appointments to the mall.

When you have all the information, you can try to convince your parent how much easier it will be for them. The center will care for the grounds and the properties, and they can relax and enjoy their own personal space but still have help whenever they need it. For more information and living options, contact a facility in your area, such as Sunnington Assisted Living.