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4 Reasons To Call Your OB/GYN During Pregnancy

by Terry Wilson

Pregnancy can be a wonderful and special time for a woman as she grows her baby in her womb. But pregnancy can also cause complications that need immediate medical attention in order to protect the health of both mother and child. If you're pregnant, you may not know what things are considered normal during pregnancy and what requires attention from your OB/GYN. Call your doctor if you experience any of these things during your pregnancy:

Excessive Vomiting

While morning sickness is not completely understood, it is thought that the rapid shift in hormones can cause an expectant mother to experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, primarily during the first trimester. But if you are vomiting continuously throughout the day to the point that you are unable to keep down water or food, you need to call your OB/GYN. Severe dehydration can be dangerous to your and your baby-- you may need an I.V. to keep you hydrated, and your doctor may be able to prescribe an antiemetic to curb your vomiting. 

Vaginal Bleeding

During a pregnancy, vaginal bleeding is cause for concern. If vaginal bleeding occurs during the first trimester, it may be a sign of a miscarriage, and there is little that your doctor can do. But bleeding during the second or third trimester is an issue that your doctor needs to know about so he or she can determine the cause of the bleeding while monitoring the baby. Immediately call your OB/GYN if vaginal bleeding is accompanied by cramps, fever, or pain.

Signs of Pre-Eclampsia 

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that can occur during pregnancy that causes a drastic increase in a mother's blood pressure. If it is not treated quickly, it can cause many problems for both you and your baby. Common signs of pre-eclampsia include a very sudden swelling of your feet, hands, or face, the onset of severe head aches, and visual problems, such as blurry vision. Depending on what you're experiencing, your doctor may request that you come in for a same-day appointment or go to the labor & delivery department at the hospital that you're delivering at for immediate care.

Gush of Fluid from the Vagina

When labor is imminent, the amniotic sack around the baby will break and the amniotic fluid will come out of the mother's vagina. If you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy and experience a gush of fluid from your genital area, contact your doctor. In some cases, heavily pregnant women can mistake accidental urination due to the pressure of the baby putting pressure on the bladder with their water breaking, but it is always a good idea to see your doctor to be examined. 

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