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Visual Acuity Tests Used During A Visual Exam

by Terry Wilson

If you have just started having trouble with your vision, then it may be time to seek out an eye test for the first time. Eye tests are standard tests and an eye doctor will check for vision issues as well as acuity issues and diseases. While most people are familiar with the types of tests that are performed to check for basic visual problems, some people do not know as much about the tests completed to check for acuity and diseases. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Stereopsis Testing

Vision does not only involve the way the individual eyes see, but how the eyes work together and also how they transmit information to the brain. Three-dimensional vision and depth perception require information processing involving the brain, and these things are tested during a stereopsis test. The tests specifically help to determine how well the eyes work together, and it involves 3D glasses.

With the 3D glasses on, you will be given a small book with different circle patterns. You will be asked to tell the eye doctor which circle is sticking out, and if you can tell with good accuracy, then you will have good depth perception. In other words, your eyes will team together properly. 

If a depth perception issue is noted, then one eye will often be much weaker than another. Corrective lenses can often be used to fix the issue, and your eye doctor will complete depth perception exams regularly to see if this is the case.

Ocular Mobility

Visual issues can develop if your eyes do not move smoothly. Smooth movement allows for tracking where your eyes follow objects closely and correctly. If your eyes do not track or move smoothly, then you will likely have issues with eye strain and many have problems reading or playing sports. 

Ocular mobility tests are fairly simple. Your eye doctor will ask you to move your eyes back and forth and the movements will be examined. You may be asked to track a light or to follow a finger in front of your face. 

If mobility problems are detected, then this may be caused by low vision situations. The use of glasses can help to fix this. However, in some cases, the eye muscles may need strengthening and you will be provided with exercises for this. 

Ocular mobility problems can be partially caused by brain processing issues. This is common in individuals who have certain diseases like diabetes, so you may need to go through additional testing with your general physician. For more information, contact companies like The Eye Center Inc.