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Methods You Can Learn To Stay Clean After Completing A Drug Addiction Treatment Program

by Terry Wilson

Making the decision to move to a residential addiction treatment center for a few weeks or months is a great way to get clean and sober if you have a drug addiction. During the time you are there, it will be a lot easier for you to stay clean, simply because you will be away from life, its challenges, and its temptations. The trouble is, though, that once you complete your program, you will return to your life, and you may find that it is hard to stay clean once this happens. Because of this, drug addiction treatment facilities teach addicts proper steps for staying clean, and here are some of the methods they may teach you during your program.

Coping Methods

Throughout your program, you will learn about coping methods, which are strategies you can utilize to get through times when you are tempted, struggling, or depressed. There are many different types of coping methods you may learn about, and you will need to choose a couple that you can use that will help you get through these hard times. For example, one coping method might be learning to stop and think about the reality in how you are feeling, and instead of feeling down about something, you will learn to think of positive things you are thankful for.

Accountability Techniques

You will also learn techniques relating to accountability. Trying to stay clean after completing a drug addiction program is not as easy as it may seem, and you will need to have people in your life that you can stay accountable too. This may be a parent, friend, or sponsor, and you can choose the person. You must agree to be completely honest with this person and let them put steps in place that will help you stay accountable.

The Importance of Attending Meetings and Therapy

During your program, you will also learn the importance of attending weekly meetings and therapy. Attending weekly meetings is a great way to find support and feel a sense of belonging in life, and attending therapy is a great way to talk to someone about how you feel and the things you are struggling with in life.

How to Identify and Handle Triggers

You will also learn a lot about triggers, which are things in life that can remind you of using drugs and tempt you to use them again. Learning how to identify your triggers and finding ways to handle them is also a vital step in your recovery process.

If you want to get clean and start your road to recovery, you should consider looking for a residential addiction treatment program. This is a great way to get clean and learn new ways in life to help you stay clean for the rest of your life.