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Three Reasons Why It's So Important To Select A Pediatrician Before Your Child Is Born

by Terry Wilson

You might think that you have plenty of time to choose a pediatrician from dozens that are part of your health insurance network. The truth is, you do not. It is advisable and highly recommended that you choose a pediatrician before your child is even born. Many new parents are surprised by this, but when you know the reasons why, it makes complete sense.

Pediatricians Limit the Number of Patients They Take

Particularly popular pediatricians take on a small number of patients. The most popular pediatricians have to limit the number of patients they can take, or they would be working nonstop every day of the week, including the weekend. Patient loads are frequently set up by the healthcare network and not generally set by the pediatricians themselves. 

As the oldest patients graduate up to adult doctors, pediatricians can take on new patients, but only as many as that which replaces the patients who have now become adults and do not need pediatricians anymore. It is important to select your pediatrician and get on their new patient list a few months before your baby arrives. That way, the pediatrician is able to see your baby for his/her first new baby checkup during the first two weeks of life.

Contact a clinic, such as Kitsap Children's Clinic LLP, to get your child on their waiting list as soon as possible. 

You Need to Provide the Name of a Pediatrician to the Hospital at the Time of Birth

When your child is born, he/she has to be admitted to the hospital just like all other patients. When that happens, the hospital expects you to provide the name of your chosen pediatrician. The expectation is that this pediatrician will be called if your child has some health problems in the hospital prior to being released from the hospital to go home with you. Providing the name of a pediatrician also means that the hospital staff feels comfortable and confident in the fact that your child will be seen by a pediatrician in the next couple of weeks for well-baby care.

Your Baby's Patient File Can Be Transferred to the Pediatrician Prior to the First Visit

When you have a pediatrician chosen, your baby's patient file can be transferred to that pediatrician prior to the first clinic visit. This gives your child's pediatrician a chance to review the file, your baby's stats at birth, and any unusual circumstances or complications with delivery or the baby's health. Being able to familiarize oneself with incoming patients helps shorten the visit and verify that your baby is doing well and is still quite healthy.