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Tips for Purchasing Your First Medical Marijuana Products

by Terry Wilson

There is evidence that marijuana may help treat a number of medical conditions, and many states have made marijuana legal for medicinal use. If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, you can see a physician to obtain a recommendation for a medical marijuana card. After you have obtained your medical marijuana card, you will then be able to legally purchase medical marijuana products to help treat your specific condition. However, if you're new to using medical marijuana products, your first purchase may seem overwhelming and intimidating. Use the following tips for your first medical marijuana purchase:

Understand Your Options

If you prefer to smoke medical marijuana, you can certainly purchase it and then smoke it in a pipe or other smoking apparatus. But, many people using marijuana for medicinal purposes prefer not to smoke it, so it is good to understand the other products available. Common medical marijuana products include vaporizers, oral sprays and tinctures, and edibles. The strength and time it takes to cause an effect can vary, so it is a good idea to do a little bit of research before you purchase your first medical marijuana products to ensure that you get the right ones for you.

Locate a Reputable Dispensary

Medicinal marijuana products are sold at dispensaries. It is important to visit a dispensary that is licensed or permitted by the state that you live in. Most reputable dispensaries have websites, and a menu of their products can typically be viewed. Before you head to the dispensary to make your first purchase, it is a good idea to review the menu so you have an idea of what you would like to purchase and how much it costs. Being prepared will make your first medical marijuana purchase as stress-free as possible.

Be Prepared When You Arrive at the Dispensary

Before you drive to your dispensary of choice, make sure that you have proof of identification, your marijuana prescription, and your medical marijuana card. Dispensaries must review these items to ensure that you are of age and are able to legally purchase medical marijuana before you are allowed to enter. In addition to these important items, you should also always bring cash to pay for your purchases. Many medical marijuana dispensaries are not able to process debit or credit card payments, so having cash on hand will save you from having to make a trip to an ATM.