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Top Benefits Of CBD Transdermal Patches

by Terry Wilson

Cannabinoids can be effective at treating a variety of medical conditions, so it is not surprising that more and more people are exploring medical marijuana for relief from their ailments. While some people use medical marijuana, which contains THC, some others prefer to use CBD, which is a specific type of cannabinoid derived from cannabis. Both CBD and medical marijuana that contains THC are believed to be effective for relieving pain, but CBD does not produce psychoactive effects like products with THC do. This is one reason why CBD transdermal patches have become very popular. Some of the top benefits of CBD transdermal patches include the following.

Direct Delivery to the Bloodstream

CBD transdermal patches are designed to be placed on a veinous area of your body. After the transdermal patch has adhered directly to the skin, the CBD in the patch is absorbed through the skin and into your bloodstream. This means that CBD transdermal patches can provide a stronger dose than using CBD oils, consuming CBD-infused foods, or taking CBD tablets. For example, when CBD is consumed, the CBD must travel through the stomach before it can be absorbed into the blood, making it less potent.

Precise Dosing

When you purchase CBD transdermal patches from a licensed cannabis dispensary, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that every patch will contain the exact same dosage. This makes it much easier for people to find the exact dosage that they need for optimal pain relief. For some people, an entire patch is perfect. Other people may find that they only need to apply half a patch at a time. Once a person finds his or her perfect dosage they can count on the CBD transdermal patch for fast relief.


CBD can do wonders for pain, but some people find that they need to dose regularly throughout the day to keep pain at bay. Most people lead busy lives and may not have the time to use multiple CBD products over the course of several hours. Using a CBD transdermal patch is a perfect solution to this issue. CBD transdermal patches are made to provide a consistent dosage of CBD over the course of hours for long-lasting pain relief. That means that all a person has to do is apply a CBD transdermal patch in the morning and there is a very good chance that it will help for the entire day. 

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