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Has Your Hearing Changed? 4 Warning Signs That You Need A Hearing Test

by Terry Wilson

If seeing is believing, then the ability to hear is a blessing. The thought of losing your ability to hear can be scary. Fortunately, it is possible to treat and reverse hearing loss. However, this is only possible if you visit an audiologist for a hearing test.

While a test can help in the early detection of hearing issues, it can be challenging to determine if you need one. This is especially the case if you're unaware of how a healthy ear should hear. Here are four early warning signs that you may need to undergo a hearing test.

1. You constantly crank up the volume

In case you frequently increase the volume to levels that annoy your friends or family, then your hearing is impaired, and you should consider visiting an audiologist for a test. Ensure that you get the test if you just recently noticed that you increase the volume of your TV in order to hear clearly.

2. You say "what" more than usual

If you often say "what" so that people repeat themselves, then you most likely have a hearing problem. The sound from other people will often sound muffled, or they'll appear to be mumbling when they talk. While not hearing what others are saying will affect you, other people will also suffer as they have to talk loudly to communicate with you.

3. You're experiencing tinnitus

Do you often hear a ringing in your ears that lasts for a long time? This is a common early warning sign of hearing problems. According to the American Tinnitus Association, 30 percent of senior folks experience tinnitus. Although older people are more prone to this condition, it can also be an early warning sign of hearing problems in kids. Therefore, if your child is always complaining of pain, tinnitus, or even difficulty hearing, ensure that you take them for a test.

4. You suddenly can't hear sounds that occur every day

Can you remember the last time you heard the birds tweeting outside? Do your loved ones and workmates complain that you are slow at answering your phone? Do you often miss the alarm? If these symptoms apply to you, then your hearing is impaired, and you need to schedule a hearing test.

If you're experiencing any of these early warning signs of hearing problems, make sure you visit an audiologist for a test. The sooner your hearing problem is diagnosed, the easier it will be to manage.

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