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What You Need To Know About Relki Or "Laying On Hands" Before You Try It

by Terry Wilson

Reiki is an alternative form of medicine or health care that is rather popular. In short, a reiki practitioner focuses on the transfer of positive energy from the practitioner to the patient. Here's more about how this process works and what you need to know about it before you try it for the first time.

Reiki Is Often Referred to as "Laying On Hands"

Reiki is an alternative form of treatment where the practitioner will literally lay their hands on the patient's body around the area that needs treatment. For example, a patient with back pain might have the reiki expert lay hands on their back. If the area to be treated is a still-healing wound, the practitioner will hover their hands over it instead of on it.

Reiki Focuses on You Relaxing Your Body and Focusing on Good Vibes

While the act of someone simply putting their hands on you might not seem like a traditional medical treatment, it's everything else that goes on during this process that might be able to help you. When you get reiki performed on you, the patient is supposed to breathe deeply, clear their mind and think positive thoughts as the person performing it does the same. This calming environment is sometimes described as providing a similar state of mind as meditation or yoga and might, if nothing else, help you relieve some stress.

Reiki Might Not Be Covered By Your Medical Insurance So Be Prepared to Pay Before Your First Appointment

While reiki is growing in popularity as an alternative treatment method, this particular treatment has not had a lot of official studies conducted on its effectiveness, or at least not the types of studies that are likely to be accepted by your insurance company. Contact your insurer if you want to be sure, but in general, you should contact a reiki practitioner expecting to pay for the treatment out of pocket.

Some might consider reiki to be a pseudo-science that's still in need of additional research, but the only real question you need to consider is if it may help you personally. If it helps reduce your stress level and you believe this might help your injury or ailment heal faster, it may be worth a try. Reiki or the art of laying on hands has been around for centuries. Contact a reiki practitioner today for more information about this practice.