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5 Features Of Memory Care Facilities

by Terry Wilson

Unfortunately, as people grow old, their mental acuity can start to decline. People develop dementia and Alzheimer's for a number of reasons. Some people are genetically predisposed to these conditions, while others develop them as a result of other physical and neurological conditions. 

Luckily, there is hope for people living with dementia. Memory care facilities are specialized assisted living centers where people with dementia can receive the help they need to lead fulfilling lives. Here are five things that memory care facilities can offer to their residents:

1. Specialized Care

Memory care facilities offer many of the same features as other assisted living facilities. However, these facilities also offer specialized care tailored to the needs of people with dementia. Nurses and caregivers who work in memory care facilities are trained to deal with patients who may be confused due to their dementia. 

2. Helpful Routines

Routines are good for people who live with dementia. Dementia negatively impacts people's short-term memory, but daily routines can provide a kind of helpful mental anchor. Daily life in a memory care facility is structured around familiar routines that can make residents feel safe. 

3. Personal Care Assistance

People with dementia may have difficulty performing basic acts of self-care that many people take for granted. Getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and bathing properly all require a certain amount of functional memory. Fortunately, caregivers in memory care facilities can offer residents assistance with personal care and hygiene.

4. Healthy Meals

Dementia patients who live alone sometimes forget to eat regularly. Many house fires are started when people with dementia try to cook and accidentally leave their stoves turned on. Mealtimes are easy in memory care facilities. Residents in memory care facilities are given nutritious meals three times a day, so they can stay strong and healthy. Communal dining halls and a dining staff allow patients to eat without engaging in arduous meal preparation and clean-up.

5. Safe Floor Plans

People who live with advanced dementia are prone to wandering. Unfortunately, people with dementia can sometimes get lost and become unable to find their way back home. Someone with dementia may not be able to ask for help because they may not remember their name or where they live. Memory care facilities are carefully designed to prevent residents from wandering. Residents can walk inside the memory care facility as they see fit, without fear of getting lost outside.