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Microneedling Treatments Could Be The Best Way To Get Rid Of Your Annoying Spider Veins

by Terry Wilson

If you have spider veins, and you are uncomfortable with the way they make your legs look, talk to your doctor about options for removal. Choices might include laser treatments, sclerotherapy, or microneedling. A microneedling treatment might be the least expensive choice while being just as effective as other options. Here are some things to know about having a microneedling treatment to eliminate your spider veins.

An Electric Current Is Added For Treating Spider Veins

Microneedling is a common dermatological anti-aging treatment, but the procedure is different when done to treat spider veins. Rather than using a pen or wheel, a single needle is used. The needle has a light electrical current that heats deep under the skin to break up your tiny spider veins. If you have a high pain tolerance, the doctor may not need to numb your leg before the treatment. However, an injectable or cream anesthetic can be used so you feel no discomfort during your microneedling treatment.

The Spider Veins Gradually Disappear

You might notice a difference in the appearance of your legs right away, but it usually takes a few weeks for your body to absorb a destroyed spider vein. You might need more than one treatment to eliminate a stubborn vein completely. If you have multiple spider veins, your doctor may treat them all during the same visit.

Microneedling Could Be More Cost-Effective

You get similar results from sclerotherapy, laser treatments, and microneedling. The risk of side effects, such as bruising, redness, and irritation are similar as well. However, depending on the doctor you choose, you may find microneedling treatments to be the least expensive choice, with sclerotherapy costing a little more, and laser treatments to be the most expensive. If you have several veins to eliminate, cost could be an important consideration, especially if you're paying out of pocket for the treatments.

Recovery From Microneedling Is Fast

Your doctor provides you with complete recovery instructions. You'll be able to walk right after your treatment, but you might need to wear compression stockings for a few days. You might need to wait until the area has healed before you undertake strenuous activity, but you'll be able to resume many of your normal activities right after your microneedling treatment.

A microneedling treatment for spider veins involves puncturing your skin with a needle so an electric current can be applied to the spider vein to destroy it. Other veins continue to provide circulation, so there aren't any dangerous side effects from eliminating a spider vein. It might take time for the vein to disappear completely, but when it does, you should appreciate the improved appearance of your legs. For more information, contact a facility like Advanced Vein Center.