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Neck Lift Treatments To Consider When Your Neck Is Sagging, Wrinkled, Or Has Loose Skin

by Terry Wilson

Your neck is probably one of the first places you noticed signs of aging. Sagging skin and muscles in your neck can make you look older than you want, even if your face is still youthful in appearance. There are different types of neck lift procedures to consider when you want to improve the appearance of your neck. Here's a look at some of them below.

Skin Tightening Treatments

Some neck lift treatments simply tighten the skin on your neck to make your neck appear more youthful. These treatments are non-surgical, so they might be worth looking into if you're not ready for surgery just yet. Treatments such as dermal fillers, microneedling with PRP, radiofrequency, and heat application can stimulate collagen production, tighten skin, and improve the appearance of your neck.

Mini Neck Lifts

A mini-lift helps tighten your neck under the skin, but it doesn't tighten loose skin. The skin on your neck might be looser after a mini-lift, so the lift might be combined with non-surgical skin tightening treatment.

The mini-lift involves an incision made under your chin that keeps the scar out of sight. Because there is just one small incision through which the doctor can pull tissues tight or do liposuction, there is less downtime and an easier recovery when compared to a full lift.

Full Neck Lifts

If you have a lot of loose skin, wrinkles, and sagging, a full surgical lift could be the only appropriate treatment that will give you the results you need. Like the mini lift, the full lift tightens tissues under the skin, but the full lift also eliminates loose skin so your neck has a lifted and tighter appearance.

A neck lift is a more involved surgery that requires incisions near your ears so skin can be pulled tight. The procedure has a longer recovery time than other treatments, but surgery gives the most dramatic results. A neck lift can be done alone, and it can also be combined with a facelift if you want both procedures done at the same time.

Since you have a few options when it comes to neck lifts, you may be unsure which is the right procedure for you. Start by seeing a cosmetic doctor for an evaluation. The degree of sagging will determine the type of neck lift treatment you need. Simple skin tightening may not be enough to lift your neck, and you want to choose a treatment that leaves you pleased with the results.

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