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Common Myths About Visiting The Med Spa

by Terry Wilson

As cosmetic medical procedures have become safer, less invasive, and more varied, more and more people are heading to medical spas to have these procedures performed. However, those who have never before visited a medical spa may believe some false myths about these facilities and the services they offer. Here are a few of those myths:

1. Medical spas are hospitals that offer cosmetic surgery.

Medical spas are actually quite different from cosmetic surgery practices. At a medical spa, the treatments offered are minimally invasive. They are treatments that you can generally return home shortly after having performed. Medical spas are not hospitals, they do not have overnight accommodations for patients, and they do not offer surgery. Common procedures performed at medical spas include filler injections, laser skin treatments, chemical peels, and pulsed light treatments.

2. Medical spas are staffed primarily by dermatologists.

There are some dermatologists who run or work at medical spas. However, many of these spas are actually owned and operated by nurse practitioners. These nurse practitioners do have the training and experience needed to safely administer the minimally invasive procedures that medical spas offer. If they feel you need to see a dermatologist, they can refer you to one. But in many cases, a dermatologist is not needed to perform the treatments provided in these facilities.

3. Once you start visiting the med spa, you'll get addicted.

You may have friends who have been accused of being "addicted to lip injections" or "addicted to fillers." But going to the med spa does not mean you'll become addicted to the treatments you receive there. You may decide you really like the results of the treatments and want to keep getting them. But if you do decide you don't want any more treatments, you can stop at any point. You can't become physically addicted to fillers or other med spa treatments.

4. Only older people go to medical spas.

A lot of patients at medical spas are older folks seeking treatments to help them look more youthful. But younger people can go to the medical spa too. Most of these spas offer treatments for acne, oily skin, and scarring, which are problems younger people can deal with. You should feel comfortable going to the med spa at any age.

These myths about med spas are simply not true. The best way to learn the real truth about these businesses is to visit one yourself.

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