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How Soft Tissue Therapy Helps Athletes

by Terry Wilson

Tearing soft tissues like ankle tendons or shoulder tissues during a sporting event can be a devastating experience that may take an athlete out of competition for quite some time. However, soft tissue therapy can help them recover from this problem and give them a better chance to compete again.

Ways Soft Tissue Therapy Helps Athletes

Athletic competition may cause damage to various soft tissues throughout the body that can cause severe pain and an inability to compete. Soft tissue therapy can help manage this problem for athletes to get them back into competition. This process lets doctors:

  • Assess the Tissue Problem: Doctors start by checking the painful area to look for tissue damage to things like tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues throughout the body.
  • Provide Healing Help: They then find a care solution that makes sense for a person's needs, such as pain medications, physical therapy, or even surgery to restore the tissue.
  • Stabilize Tissue in the Area: Surgeons and other professionals can stabilize soft tissue during therapy using braces and other tools. Doing so helps give it the stability it needs to heal.

Long-term recovery may also include various physical therapy methods that help stabilize the tissue further and minimize long-term suffering. Just as importantly, athletes may also need multiple repair steps to ensure that they take care of this problem as effectively as possible.

Problems This May Help Manage

Athletes may tear many soft tissues when competing. These tears can affect different parts of the body and may cause different symptoms that require treatment to manage. Just a few things that they can treat include:

  • Torn Ligaments: Ligaments may require various healing tools, such as surgery or even laser therapy, to repair after a severe athletic injury and may need time to recover before an athlete competes.
  • Strained Muscles: Soft tissue therapy can help repair strained or damaged muscles and help an athlete get back into competitive strength without loss of muscle tissue.
  • Damaged Tendons: Tendons help to stabilize the joints and other soft tissues, and repairing them after an injury can ensure that an athlete remains strong and capable during performances.

Athletes Can Get This Help

Many different doctors can provide this type of care, including surgeon specialists and even physical therapists. It is important for athletes to research what kind of care makes the most sense for their needs and to find a professional that can repair their soft tissues simply and effectively.

For more information about soft tissue healing therapy, contact a local professional.