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Hand Surgery — How To Maximize It

by Terry Wilson

Hand surgery is something you might need for problems like carpal tunnel and fractures. If you've never had it done before, here are some suggestions that can get you ready in no time.

Find the Right Orthopedic Surgeon 

Choosing the right orthopedic surgeon is one of the most important parts of having your hand operated on. You probably have quite a few to choose from in your area, but if you spend time reviewing credentials, you can find an optimal match that leads to a successful procedure.

For instance, you can review each surgeon's formal education, surgeries with past patients, rates, and licenses. Keep searching until you know that your orthopedic surgeon is competent and totally prepared for your hand surgery. 

Purchase a Waterproof Cast 

Most hand surgeries require keeping the incision site dry for the next few days to prevent infection and irritation. However, you may still want to take a bath or shower to freshen up. In that case, go ahead and purchase a waterproof cast.

You can wrap it around the hand operated on and keep it completely dry, even while you shower or bathe. Once you finish, you can remove the waterproof cast and reveal a hand that's still not wet.

Get Some Help 

After hand surgery, you may not be able to use the treated hand for the next couple of days or weeks. That makes doing many things difficult, such as driving, making food, and cleaning up around the house. For that reason, get some help.

Find someone who can assist you throughout the day, making crucial chores and tasks much easier to handle despite the fact you have use of only one hand. 

Work on Your Range of Motion Afterwards

You want to focus on your range of motion after hand surgery, whether you had it done to repair ligaments or fractures. Fortunately, you have access to amazing rehabilitation exercises and resources that can improve your range of motion over time.

Stretching is one of the simplest yet most effective things you can do. With stretching, you can increase the flexibility of your hand and get it used to key actions. Physical therapy is another option to fast-track your recovery, getting a complete range of motion back in the hand that went through an operation. 

If you require hand surgery to deal with bone or ligament problems, do your best to prepare and recover from it afterward. Simple steps like protecting your hand after surgery go a long way. 

For more info about hand surgery, contact a local professional.